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Mountain-skills.com is run by Everest Summiteer Ian Ridley


Would you like to gain the knowledge and confidence to venture away off the beaten track, or perhaps you’ve tried to make the map fit the ground or indeed may have become lost in thick cloud….. Tell me more…


Hills and Camping Skills

Want to get away from it all and enjoy a nights wild camping but don’t know where to go or perhaps want to make it more enjoyable, not sure which type of stove to use…. Tell me more…


Fancy having a go at something steeper – scrambling – It is an ambiguous term that lies somewhere between hillwalking, and easy rock climbing….Tell me more…


Rock Climbing

Fancy an introductory day on outdoor rock or perhaps you’re looking to make the move from indoor climbing to outdoor, or just want to go abseiling..Tell me more…

Winter Skills

Keen to venture out in the winter then its essential that you know how to use an ice axe, and crampons as well as the appropriate personal kit….Tell me more…


Snow Holes

It’s very hard work but there is nothing more satisfying than making a shelter in the snow and then spending a night in one…. Tell me more…

Private Guiding

If you’ve got a particular route you want to do or would like to brush up on a particular skill then we can help….Tell me more…


Himalayan Treks and Peaks

Are you keen to visit Everest Base camp at over 5000m and experience Sherpa life and Nepal’s famous tea houses along the way…Tell me more…

“What a brilliant trip!  Excellent organisation both beforehand and during the trip itself.  Staggeringly beautiful area and very well paced trip to really enjoy it.  Light touch leadership from Ian but very competent indeed.  I cannot recommend Mountain-Skills.com highly enough – much better to my mind than bigger  impersonal organisations but every bit as professional.  A great bunch of Sherpas too which really fitted into the whole ethos of the trip.” Dr TH – Island Peak Trip

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‘My first experience of the Scottish hills in winter and I can’t wait to go again.’
CS of Devon